Our luxury boudoir studio was born to disrupt the conventional constraints that keep all feminine forms from coming alive in their sensuality. Together we shed limiting beliefs and labels like old skin that no longer serves us. Not only for the sake of becoming more than we’re believed to be, but for eternalizing everyday women imperfectly and artfully as they are. When you come to me in your layered dichotomy, I’ll unravel an inner confidence you’ll always want to come home to. Because you deserve to be the muse of this (and every) moment you take up space in.

Beauty Beyond the Skin Barrier Can’t Be Constricted.

Here at Venoma Artistry

Your connection is worth the cinematics when you and your partner have endured both the mundane and the miraculous together. Reignite your chemistry while falling deeper into one another during your couple’s boudoir session and forever after. 



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Forgo “someday” and make it your turn for self care like you’ve never experienced before. Watch your nerves and negative self talk fade away as you step in front of my camera and reclaim your narrative through intimate boudoir photography. 



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I’m a true crime binging, hammock swaying, dog mom of two with a love affair for reflecting a woman’s worth back to herself through the art of photography. You see, I’ve always felt whole with a camera in hand, but the first time I shot boudoir there was something entrancing that sparked inside of me. Like I had finally found my place in this world without becoming something I’m not. 

I am living proof of what can boldly strike when we as women forgo preconceived notions and stuffy stereotypes and rise in our entirety. & now I live to do the same for you on the other side of the shutter. Because, the truth is that, to be deserving of this experience you don’t need to: start the diet, lose the baby weight, put a spell on your blackheads, or spend your life’s earnings on a lingerie wardrobe (but don’t tempt me!). You just need to silence the mean girl in your mind, love your body for how she’s carried you, and let your feminine expression run wild without hesitation. 

Hi, I’m Shelly.

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Equal Parts Boudoir Photographer & Main Character Manifestor

Venoma Unveiled

I could go on and on about how amazing this experience is but if there’s one take away, it’s that Shelly is phenomenal. The quality you get when you book with her is priceless. She goes above and beyond to make sure that you are comfortable and that you are more than happy with the photos you receive. I was so nervous and by the end, I didn’t want our session to be over. I am so glad I trusted her because I would have missed out on such a transformative experience otherwise."

- elizabeth

"Shelly's professionalism is unmatched and most importantly she has such a gift for boudoir. Artistically they are beyond anything I could’ve imagined and her talent for this type of photography is astonishing.  

I appreciated how fun AND funny she was—and how creative too, of course! I was so anxious leading up to the shoot but the day of she made the entire experience so comfortable and memorable. She takes such care to make every detail of the shoot perfect—from the playlist to the poses to the… well… everything! I knew her work was great but her vibe is amazing as well, and the makeup artist she worked with made me feel like a completely different person! I absolutely recommend doing a boudoir shoot here. It was definitely a high class, high quality experience."

- karma

"Oh my gosh; where do I start?!? Shelly is such an AMAZING human being. I’m so glad I got to have my first boudoir experience with her.

Got my pictures back and ohmygawd I am obsessed!!!  I love the way these photos make me feel and Shelly is literally the best hype woman ever during your shoot! She made me feel incredible and so comfortable! I didn’t think I would look good in many pictures but I ended up having trouble narrowing it down!!"

- laura

"I have recommended every woman I run into to do this since getting these pictures back. If you are on the fence about doing this, do it right now. 

If you're looking for a way to spoil yourself, this is it! I had an absolute blast during my photoshoot. Shelly is so much fun to work with. Not to mention, you get your hair and makeup done by professional stylists, so everything is absolutely perfect! I can't say enough how awesome the entire experience is."

- Rachel

"Shelly makes you into a true work of art. She guides you through every pose, and has such amazing ideas for your pictures. 

Voices From The Venomous 

Know that I want your one-on-one boudoir session to feel less like a photography factory (sorry JCPenney) and more like an immersive experience. Somewhere where you can be pampered fully. From planning and prepping to hair and makeup, posing, and your final reveal; I will be there to support you (and hype you up) in every moment. I strive to build uninterrupted, deep connections with my clients before they even step in front of my camera. Not only so you feel seen and heard in your story, but you bask in an inner light that has been dying to shine through. 

Turn up the playlist, put on your red lip, tousle your hair to your good side & let’s create fierce images that you will cherish forever. 

Set the mood. Be my muse.

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