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Our luxury boudoir studio was born to disrupt the conventional constraints that keep all feminine forms from coming alive in their sensuality.

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Boudoir Session Glam With Makeup Artists Near Collierville TN!

The world of makeup is wide and vast. Whether you’re an avid everyday wearer or simply dabble in makeup from time to time, a great makeup artist can help you feel like the most glamorous version of yourself – even without a lot of product. If you’re preparing for your boudoir photoshoot, I highly recommend you consider booking an appointment with a makeup artist beforehand; you never need any makeup for a fabulous boudoir shoot, but a little extra glam never hurts. Here are a few makeup artists near Collierville, TN, that I recommend! 

Three Incredible Makeup Artists Near Collierville, TN

Kimberly Yasmine

Kimberly Yasmine is a Memphis native who has been helping women of all tones and textures celebrate their unique beauty through the enhancement of makeup. Her decade (plus) of experience includes time working in makeup retail counters, attending school for cosmetology, esthetics, and skincare, and now working as one of the top makeup artists in the greater Memphis area! Her work is celebrated both locally, nationally, and internationally, and she has even been published in film and production. Kimberly Yasmine takes pride in providing every client with a quality experience that is memorable. Above all, she celebrates every person’s unique beauty. And truly, her reputation for styling and celebrating women of all different skin tones is one that has cultivated a true culture of inspiration. Yes, she does a lot of bridal work. But she also offers services for those looking for photoshoot styling, branding, and much more. 

A woman with short blonde hair kneels on a bed wrapping her front with a purple sheet looking down her shoulder after working with a makeup artist near Collierville

The Glamatician

Better known as Erica Cox, The Glamatician is a fabulous makeup artist near Collierville with a passion for healthy skin. If you’re looking for full-face glam with a focus on keeping your skin smooth and hydrated, the Glamatician is your girl. She created FUTF Beauty Events, or Foundation Under The Foundation. This helps teach others how to care for skin in a stressful and sun-damaged world. Erica began her beauty career while studying fashion back in 2000. Then, she became a licensed aesthetician and beauty editor for a local magazine in 2008. Today, her work can be seen onstage, in music videos, on the pages of magazines and television screens, and so much more. If you’re searching for a makeup artist who can also help you find a skincare regime that will work for you, you’ll definitely want to book a session with The Glamatician. 

A woman in mesh lingerie sits on a leopard print rug while leaning back with hands in her hair onto a green couch

Makeup by Amanda

Makeup artist Amanda Bishop has had a passion for aesthetics and makeup since 2005. When a less-than-satisfactory makeup experience left her with the realization that she could provide so much better. Whether you have a special event or just because you deserve it, she’ll help you feel spectacularly beautiful in your own skin. She has spent years working hard in order to start her own makeup artistry business. So today, she is one of the most trusted makeup artists in the greater Memphis area. Amanda only uses products that are free of chemicals and toxins. So your skin will always be protected, even while looking glamorous. Her values of empowerment and beauty make her a great option for a boudoir makeup artist, too! 

Makeup Artists Near Collierville TN

These makeup artists near Collierville, TN, have years of experience helping their clients feel gorgeous and glamorous. I highly recommend you reach out to them in anticipation of your boudoir photoshoot. Both because it will look great in your pictures and because you deserve a little extra glam in your life. 

Don’t have anything on the books just yet? Let’s get you scheduled for an empowering boudoir shoot that will make you feel like the sexiest person in the world.

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