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Our luxury boudoir studio was born to disrupt the conventional constraints that keep all feminine forms from coming alive in their sensuality.

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Look & Feel Your Best With Mona Esthetics in Memphis!

We all have insecurities about our bodies and ideas of what we should look like – so what’s stopping you from getting that ideal look? Especially if it’s holding you back from doing something bold and empowering that celebrates your body, like a boudoir photoshoot. You just have to find the right place with the treatments to help! Mona Esthetics in Memphis is the perfect place for esthetic treatments to refresh your body and renew your body just in time for a glamorous photoshoot. Keep reading to find out more about this beautiful MedSpa!

About Mona Esthetics

Mona Esthetics was founded by anti-aging pioneer Mona Sappenfield, who created her gorgeous beauty oasis in 1991. Today it’s a skincare and laser facility offering the best-advanced skincare solutions and corrective technology. 

They offer a curated collection of scientific skincare products and services, all chemical-free and without pricey labels, for all skin conditions. Additionally, they offer medically supervised anti-aging treatments like facial injection neurotoxins, threat lifts, smoothers, and fillers! 

Mona has created a beautiful, sophisticated, and accommodating atmosphere where clients feel comfortable and relaxed. With exceptional hospitality service and the best technology in the area, Mona Esthetic is the ultimate beauty getaway in the heart of Memphis. 

A woman sits on the floor leaning back on a couch covering her body with a purple blanket mona esthetics


Mona Esthetics offers a variety of treatments that can help you target specific trouble spots that may be bothering you. Laser treatments can also help you rejuvenate your skin with “non-ablative” technology that shrinks pores, stimulates collagen, treats unwanted acne scars, and more. 

They can also tighten loose skin without surgery, recovery time, or injections and remove unsightly red and purple veins that may be, shall we say, “decorating” your legs and face. Additionally, their lasers can eliminate unwanted hair, brown spots, melasma, and even unwanted tattoos. 

If you’re looking to combat signs of aging, Mona Esthetics offers several facial treatments like anti-aging masques, refreshing facials that use a curated collection of scientific products chosen for your unique skin, and peels and microdermabrasion treatments that get rid of dead skin cells that may be dulling your beautiful skin. 

Are you looking to eliminate some of those pesky wrinkles and fine lines? Mona Esthetics has plenty of injectable treatments like Xeomin that can plump up sagging skin for a much more refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Or, if you are looking to add a little volume to your lips, cheeks, or other places that start to sag a little with age, check out their variety of fillers!

Last but not least, they have contouring technology to help you smooth unwanted pockets of fat on your neck, face, abdomen, arms, and more. Without surgery, injections, or recovery time, you can get the smooth body you’ve always dreamed of.  

A woman kneels on a bed facing a window while wrapped in a purple blanket mona esthetics


If you’re considering booking an appointment with Mona Esthetic, call or check out their website for any specials. Sometimes you can find a great deal on the treatment you’re looking for, which is an even better incentive to check them out! 

Mona Esthetics

Mona Esthetics is a beauty oasis for anyone looking to fall back in love with their body. You certainly don’t need any treatments to celebrate your beautiful body, but if a bit of self-consciousness keeps you from booking your boudoir shoot, then definitely look into visiting Mona Esthetics. I’ll be here waiting for you to book your boudoir session!! 

But if you are you looking for more Memphis boudoir prep tips and stores, then the blog links below exist for you! I love helping women feel beautiful and confident in every session. So reach out today to chat about your next session!

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