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Address Intimacy Issues with These 4 Sex Therapists in Memphis

As a luxury boudoir photographer, I want all my clients to feel happy, confident, and beautiful. Sometimes, that takes time and a little help from outside sources, including therapy. If you’re looking for a sex therapist in the Memphis area, I recommend these four sex therapists in Memphis who offer compassionate, safe, judgment-free care to patients to help them work through sexual issues. 

Find Compassionate Support From These Amazing Sex Therapists In Memphis

Jennifer Valli, PhD

Serving the Memphis, TN area

Dr. Jennifer Valli is an experienced psychotherapist with over 30 years of clinical experience in psychiatry. She is a licensed therapist and nationally certified as a Sex Therapist through The American Association of Sexual Educators. She offers her Memphis sex therapist expertise on a variety of sexual health issues, acknowledging that sex is one of the deepest, most powerful connections with others. Dr. Valli collaborates with her clients to offer safe, compassionate, non-judgmental care. Issues she commonly sees include painful sex, desire issues, out-of-control behaviors, orgasm difficulties, and open relationships. She has experience working with LGBTQIA clients and non-monogamous clients. She focuses on better communication, emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, and working toward goals that a couple might have. 

A woman in black lingerie kneels on a bed with her tattooed husband behind her

Katherine Blackney

4515 Poplar Ave, Suite 507, Memphis, TN 38117

Dr. Katherine Blackney has served clients as a therapist in the Memphis area, providing sex therapy, counseling, and teaching services since 2001. She helps clients work through various issues regarding sexuality, and she has extensive training in several areas. Dr. Blackney helps clients with long-standing psychological or relationship issues, helping them feel less alone through her compassionate care. She specializes in issues including infertility, low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, inability to climax, unconsummated marriages, pelvic pain disorders, past sexual abuse, sexual identity, affair recovery, and more. She aims to help people live happy, confident, fulfilling lives authentically and in relationships with others. 

A woman in red lingerie leans back as she sits in the lap of her husband in a studio on a couch thanks to a sex therapist memphis

Dr. April D. Garner

284 German Oak Drive, Suite 100, Cordova, TN 38018 

Sex therapist Dr. April D. Garner works with couples in Memphis to help them understand their feelings and work on relationships with others. Sex is rarely discussed in a healthy way, and Dr. Garner helps couples open up the lines of communication so they can live more fulfilling lives. Common issues she helps people work through are low desire, sexual dysfunction, dissatisfaction, negative body image, low self-esteem, or conflict around sexual orientation. Dr. Garner specializes in therapy that helps couples gain insight into their sexuality in a safe, confidential, judgment-free setting. The number of sessions clients need varies and is based on needs and level of participation. Most clients usually require 10-20 sessions. 

A woman with tattoos in red lingerie kneels in front of her sitting husband after meeting a sex therapist memphis

Kim Yost Sex Therapy Nashville

Serving clients in Tennessee and Maryland 

Kim Yost offers sex therapy and counseling in Memphis that is based on open communication in a comfortable, non-judgmental setting. This is a space where couples can feel safe discussing their relationship issues. Through therapy, couples can experience intimacy, pleasure, comfort, and safety, working through issues that have to do with sex. Kim Yost’s program involves exploring what makes people sexual beings and working through distorted realities. You do not need a partner to benefit from sex therapy, and Kim sees many clients on an individual basis. Sex therapy can be brief and strategic, individualized to meet specific sexual issues that people face. 

Some of the issues that Kim works with clients on are loss of intimacy, performance anxiety, lack of desire, Peyronie’s Disease, sexual pain, difficulty with arousal, sexual offending, past sexual abuse, infidelity, menopausal changes, illness, sexual orientation, sex addiction, open relationships, polyamory, kink, fetishes, and paraphilias. 

You Deserve To Find Comfort With Wonderful Sex Therapists In Memphis

If you’re looking for sex therapists in Memphis, be sure to contact one of these four therapists who offer kind, supportive, patient-focused care to individuals and couples dealing with intimacy issues. As a Memphis-based luxury boudoir photographer, I know how important it is for people to feel safe and confident in their bodies. These sex therapists work with clients to support them as they face a variety of issues surrounding intimacy and sex. 

If you need another way to build some confidence, we should chat! I’m a Memphis boudoir photographer, and I adore hyping up my clients so they can feel positively gorgeous. If you’ve wondered whether a boudoir session is right for you, I would love to tell you about the process. Contact me today to get the conversation started!

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