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Our luxury boudoir studio was born to disrupt the conventional constraints that keep all feminine forms from coming alive in their sensuality.

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Tips for Preparing for Your Boudoir Session

Interested in a Boudoir Session?!

Boudoir Sessions are all about feeling like your sexiest self. You will leave feeling confident, beautiful, and empowered. While it’s such an exciting experience, it can also be a little nerve wracking to prepare for. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you! Here are a few tips for preparing for your Boudoir Session!

beautiful woman sitting near couch in a boudoir session with Petals & Lace Boudoir

Go Shopping

There are so many fun options for what to wearing during your boudoir session. Grab a friend and go to a local lingerie shop, such as Coco & Lola’s. Make sure and try on your outfits before your session date to make sure you feel confident and beautiful in them!

While I do have a client closet, I still reccomend my clients bringing two or three of their own outfits, to make the session a little more unique to them.

Also, don’t think you have to only bring lingerie! You can bring sweaters, leather jacket, button down shirts, hats, etc. Bring what YOU feel will make the session unique to you.

Grab Some Accessories

If you would like, bring some accessories such as simple jewelry, knee high socks, oversized sweater, robe, veil, wedding ring, anything you would like!

Think about how you want to show off your images

How do you want to preserve your photos? Do you want a luxurious album and wall art to decorate a certain area of your home? Or would you like to go with digitals?

Start Stretching

It may sound silly, but boudoir is like sexy yoga, and can definitely be a workout.

Get a mani/pedi

Treat yourself! This session is about you! You deserved to be pampered and to prepare the best you can for your boudoir session. I looooveee details shots, so your nails will definitely be in some of the images, so it’s best to not have chipped nails. I reccomend a more muted/nude color, but definitely get what fits your personality and the vibe you want for your session.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Eat Breakfast

As stated before, Boudoir is a WORKOUT! Make sure you get to bed at a decent hour and wake up in time to have breakfast. You will be at the studio for about 4 hours. While we will definitely take breaks in between sets, you will definitely be thankful you slept and had a good breakfast.

Get Ready for Hair and Makeup

I have an AMAZING hair and makeup artist I work with. You will pampered and feeling amazing. To ensure you have the best results. Come with clean dry hair and a freshly washed and moisurized face. If you are interested in having your hair all fresh and ready, check out this blog about 3 hair salons in Memphis!


This is the most important tip. Come ready to have fun, open up, and see yourself like the beauty you are.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you! I will send you lots and lots of info before your session to help you continue to get ready. I will even send you a checklist to do before your session, to make sure you are all ready to SLAY your session! I hope you enjoyed these tips for preparing for your boudoir session!

Can’t wait to see you in the studio!

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