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Wax Beautique: Your Solution for Unwanted Hair in Hernando, MS

Hair can be a pretty beautiful thing…when it grows where you want it. On your head, it’s a glorious way to show off your bright and wonderful personality. In other places, it’s a nuisance that you have to decide how to handle. If you’re the type of person who prefers to keep things smooth, I would love to tell you all about your new best friends at Wax Beautique. This Mississippi studio is dedicated to helping you handle all your unwanted hair. 

About Wax Beautique

230 Goodman Rd E 3-100, Southaven, Mississippi 38671

Let’s be honest for a second. When you think of a comfortable experience, waxing body hair is probably pretty low on your list, and that’s not just because of the pain. At Wax Beautique, they are always finding brand-new ways to transform the experience. Each member of the waxing staff has been licensed by the Board of Cosmetology and has received additional training. Plus, they only carry the best products so they can take special care of your skin. Their goal is to help you find your ideal treatment that will leave you with fabulous results. 

A woman sits naked on a couch by a christmas tree covering with a red sheet after visiting wax beautique


With Wax Beautique, you can book all of your appointments online and choose your preferred technician. The salon offers specialty waxes across your entire body. You can book waxing for the bikini line, your Brazilian area, and your booty, as well as places such as your armpit, your legs, your back, and your chest. They can take care of places you hadn’t even considered including your nose or your ears. They also have services such as eyebrow contours. The salon will walk you through all the before and aftercare so you can have fantastic results that last for weeks! 

While Wax Beautique may have been created for women and by women, they definitely don’t forget about the men! Guys can come by and book specialty services, including chest, beard, ear, and nose waxes. You’ll be treated with the same amount of care so you can feel comfortable throughout. 

A woman in purple lingerie holds her buttocks while standing in a studio after visiting wax beautique


Wax Beautique has other services designed to help your skin feel its very best. Their vajacials were created specifically to treat your bikini area with a little extra care. By booking this service, you’re not only rejuvenating your skin, but you’re also preventing the growth of ingrown hairs. They also have the trademarked V-Steam. This targeted treatment works to create a better environment while giving you an organic approach to issues including menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, low libido, and sometimes infertility. Because this treatment can be a little more sensitive, they do require a consultation prior. 

Find The Perfect Treatment For Your Skin At Wax Beautique

With Wax Beautique, you’ll have customized treatments to keep your skin feeling smooth. Check them out today and book your services! 

If you’re looking for more ways to feel great about your body, I would love to connect! I’m a Mississippi boudoir photographer, and I adore using my sessions to help women feel great about their bodies. I know how intimidating boudoir might seem, and I’m here to make it an empowering experience! I would love to connect with you and tell you all about my sessions so you can decide if they’re right for you. Let’s chat today!

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