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Treat Yourself

Living Health Day Spa in Memphis to Treat Yourself With A Reset

Over the past few years, the idea of self-care has felt unobtainable. It seems like most of us are overworked and under-relaxed. Even remembering to unclench your jaw can feel impossible. But taking time to pamper yourself is crucial! By regularly taking a few hours to sit back and relax, you can prevent burnout and have a better approach to everything in life. If you’re starting to realize how long it’s been since you’ve taken a day to treat yourself, I’d love to tell you all about Living Health Day Spa. This magnificent space aims to help you reconnect to yourself so you’re ready for anything life can throw at you.

About Living Health Day Spa

Living Health Day Spa was opened in 2006 as a full-service spa to help people all across Tennessee. The center believes in a holistic approach to health. They offer a wide range of services designed to help you shake away the stress in your life. 

The spa has won multiple awards since opening and was named the Number 1 Spa in Memphis. Their fantastic services and the serene atmosphere make it the perfect place to come and unwind. 

A woman with short hair sits on the edge of a couch draped in a maroon blanket in front of a window living health day spa


Living Health Day Spa is known for its expert massages. Cissie Pryor, co-owner and lead massage therapist, has over 20 years of experience and specializes in various techniques guaranteed to help you relax. Cissie has trained all the massage therapists in the center, equipping them to provide you with everything from prenatal to deep tissue massages. 

Living Health Day Spa also offers therapeutic cupping, soothing meditations, moisturizing body wraps, and luxurious hand therapy. You can schedule facials that will make your skin feel hydrated and restored. Whether you need an exfoliating microdermabrasion treatment or an acne-targeting facial, they’ll give your skin the attention it needs. 

While there, you can get a bikini wax, full-face threading, or ear candling. By the end of your appointment, you’ll feel like you’ve just gained back years!

A woman wrapped in a dark blanket stands in front of a window looking down her shoulder living health day spa


Living Health devotes themselves to helping you both physically and mentally by offering 90-minute hypnosis sessions. These sessions help you address habits or issues to rearrange your mindset and face them head-on. Following these sessions, you can choose to book a follow-up session to discuss the outcome. 

The spa also offers energy and sound vibrational therapy to provide relief from disorders such as depression and anxiety. By putting your mind into a meditative state, the sounds will allow you to tackle chaotic thinking for a more peaceful approach to everyday life.  

Living Health Day Spa

One of the best things you can do is take a few hours to tend to yourself. By booking an appointment at Living Health Day Spa, you’ll give your body and mind the attention they need to help you handle the stress of day-to-day life. 

As a boudoir photographer, I firmly believe in doing things that make you feel confident. This is why I’ve created a safe space for women to come and celebrate their bodies. I’m here to make you feel comfortable and help you pose in flattering ways that will leave you feeling positively sexy. If you’ve been considering getting a boudoir session done, I’d love to chat and tell you why I think it’s right for you! Contact me today to find out more.

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