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Our luxury boudoir studio was born to disrupt the conventional constraints that keep all feminine forms from coming alive in their sensuality.

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Pavo Salon in Memphis For Goddess-Level Style & Treatment

Trusting a new stylist with your hair can feel like a leap of faith. Your hair reflects your personality, style, and taste — I get it, too! Finding a salon known for its excellence in products, services, and customer service can help ease your mind. Why risk winding up with an unsatisfying style? Let me help you make a potentially nerve-wracking decision a little easier! Pavo Salon in Memphis is a highly reputable Aveda salon known for its attention to detail, passion for people, and knowledge. They have a finger on the pulse of all the latest trends, styles, and techniques. With two Memphis locations, plenty of incredible Pavo stylists are ready to help you find your new look! 

Treat Your Hair Right at Pavo Salon in Memphis

About Pavo Salon In Memphis

Pavo is a contemporary, chic salon in the heart of Memphis. They offer each guest a luxury salon or spa experience. Co-owners Scot and Shawn opened the salon after nearly three decades of salon experience. Their love for people is even more robust than their love of hair care. They have created a team of the industry’s most talented, kindest, and passionate people. In addition to ensuring their stylists are happy, they are equally committed to ensuring each client is happy. The Memphis community and the people who help it thrive are their “why”. This shows in every decision made at Pavo. 

Their team dedicates themselves to ongoing education, support, and mentorship. They are up-to-date on the trends, styles, and techniques needed to help you achieve your desired look. Their name, Pavo, comes from a southern constellation that resembles a peacock, an animal that “shines brightest when it’s happy.” Similarly, they aim to bring happiness and joy to everyone who walks through their salon doors. Because we all shine our brightest when we are happy!

A woman in black lingerie runs her fingers through her wavy brown hair


In addition to Pavo’s fantastic standard services (like cuts, color treatments, scalp and conditioning treatments, etc.), they also have some pretty awesome products and services that set them apart from other Memphis salons. 

If you’re looking for extra body and waves without committing to a full perm, their American Wave treatment is the way to go. It creates soft, natural-looking wave and curl patterns that are on-trend and don’t look like something out of a 90s rom-com. It’s a simple way to bring customized texture to your look for a little extra bounce. 

Are you running short on time? Pavo’s Express color services allow you to visit the salon for a quick 30-minute color application. Then you get to let it process and rinse it out at home! They’ll help you find your custom color formula first, and if it’s the right candidate for an express color service, you’ll be pretty much set to go! Once your color is mixed and applied, they’ll set a timer on your phone so you’ll know exactly when it’s time to rinse out the color. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that! 

A woman with wavy brown hair runs a hand through her hair in black lingerie pavo salon in memphis


Curious to give Pavo Salon a try but wondering where to start? Their website has a super helpful “Find Your Artist Match” feature where you can answer a series of questions that will help you find the perfect stylist for your preferences. They’ll ask you about your preferences regarding services, hair texture and quality, the things you prioritize in your stylist/salon experience, and even some traits about your personality that can help determine the perfect fit! That way, it will feel less like scheduling an appointment and crossing your fingers for the best and more like a specialized referral. 

Pavo Salon in Memphis

Whether you want to maintain a signature style or start over with a fresh new look, Pavo Salon in Memphis could be the perfect fit. Check out their website for more information on their stylist, services, and locations! 

Whether I’m talking about my favorite spots in the city or bonding over boudoir, I love getting to connect with my clients. My goal is to get to know you. So I can provide you with boudoir pictures that will make your unique personality shine through every image. If you’ve been considering booking a boudoir shoot, I would love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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  1. […] Pavo Salon in Memphis For Goddess-Level Style & Treatment […]

  2. […] Pavo Salon in Memphis For Goddess-Level Style & Treatment […]

  3. […] Pavo Salon in Memphis For Goddess-Level Style & Treatment […]

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