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Memphis Makeup Artist to Prepare for Your Boudoir Shoot

A glam makeup look is inherently sexy. Whether it’s feathered eyelashes and shimmer that make your eyes pop or a bold red lip that makes your lips look irresistible, a great makeup look gives you the extra oomph to rock something like a boudoir photoshoot. Even if a more natural look is more your style, a formal makeup application can help you feel a little more polished and confident before you pose for the camera. Whether you want to go full glam or more subtle so you feel more like you, there is a Memphis makeup artist that can help you feel gorgeous, confident, and ready to take on anything – including a sultry boudoir shoot. 

3 Memphis Makeup Artists Offering Empowering Beauty Services 

Kimberly Yasmine

Kimberly Yasmine began her makeup career working the counters for Lancome, Dior, MAC, and Sephora. After attending cosmetology school, she continued to study esthetician to further her education in skin care. Basically, she’s a boss babe who takes her work seriously and is committed to her craft. In fact, she has ranked as one of the top three makeup artists in Memphis! 

Every service provided is exclusively curated to each client’s tones and textures, so you’ll get the best look for yourself and no one else. Celebrities like Missy Elliott and J. Bolin have trusted Kimberly with their makeup and other moguls and industry pros, so you know she’s insanely talented. 

Consider Kimberly, the concierge of all things beauty, who believes that each experience with a client should be memorable. She’ll help you glam up before your boudoir shoot so you’ll feel extra foxy for the camera, which may just be the extra touch you need.

A woman in purple lingerie leans back on a stool with a hand in her hair

Beonka’s Beauty Studio

Beonka’s Beauty Studio is about empowering women and girls from all walks of life and helping modern women look and feel like their most beautiful selves, inside and out! While they offer services in Memphis, LA, New York, Nashville, Atlanta, and Orlando, all of their team members embody the vision of Founder/CEO Beonka Williams. 

Whether you are searching for soft glam or something a little more Hollywood, they’ll create the perfect look for you. Suppose you are more comfortable applying your makeup yourself. In that case, Beonka’s Beauty Studio offers one-on-one classes to help you find the right products for your skin and then teach you how to apply them. However they can help you feel your best, they will!

Mandie J

Mandie J is all about self-love! They work hard to create a space and an experience for women to practice self-love by taking care of themselves through style, grooming, and physical appearance. After all, when you take care of yourself, it shows that you respect and value yourself! They’ll create a beauty experience to kick-start your self-love journey so you can feel more confident in who you are. 

Whether you wear makeup daily or not, they’ll help you find a look that will boost your confidence and help you feel unapologetically YOU! Mandie J offers a beauty package for your boudoir shoot that includes makeup application and hair styling so you can feel like the best version of yourself when you walk into the boudoir studio. 

You won’t have any doubt when you’re all glammed up that this is where you’re supposed to be and that you deserve to love yourself more than anyone else!

A woman in pink lace lingerie kneels on a white rug holding one of the shoulder straps memphis makeup artist

Memphis Makeup Artist

These incredible Memphis makeup artists are fabulous options for preparing for your photoshoot. Check out their websites for more information and portfolios of their work to see if one suits you to help you feel glam. I can’t wait to see the finished look!

So are you ready for more Memphis boudoir content? Then check out the blog links below! But before you go, let’s chat about your dream boudoir session!

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  1. […] Memphis Makeup Artist to Prepare for Your Boudoir Shoot […]

  2. […] Memphis Makeup Artist to Prepare for Your Boudoir Shoot […]

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