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Sneed Medispa | An Award-Winning Memphis Medical Spa

You are always beautiful. Every curve, every pore, every scar – they all make you, well, you. But we don’t always feel beautiful. Sometimes, a little help from a beauty treatment can help you reconnect to that feeling of confidence and inner beauty you so deeply deserve to feel. At the award-winning Sneed Medispa in Memphis, you’ll find plenty of services and treatments to help you feel gorgeous from the inside out – literally. 

About Sneed Medispa

Sneed Medispa is a family business run by Dr. Kathryn Sneed, a leader in the face of facial and body aesthetic treatments. She and her team are committed to using the most advanced technology for anti-aging medicine, providing their clients with the best quality treatments with the relaxing, spa-like atmosphere of a state-of-the-art medispa.  

Dr. Kathryn’s husband, Dr. Darrell Sneed, is the practice’s medical director. Together, they bring their decades of passion for total body wellness to their Sneed Medispa and have surrounded themselves with some of the best estheticians, clinicians, and staff in the area. They are committed to helping their clients enhance beauty from the inside out, bringing new practices found in major cities like Los Angeles and New York right here to the beautiful city of Memphis. 

A woman in lace lingerie leans into the curtains of a large window sneed medispa


Whether you are hoping to minimize signs of aging in a non-invasive way or looking for a more intensive treatment that will yield bigger results, Sneed Medispa has something to target every area of your body (and I mean every.) 

So many of us have fine lines and wrinkles on our faces due to natural factors like sun exposure, the loss of hydration in our skin, and our dear friend gravity. Sneed Medispa offers a variety of injectable treatments that can help reduce and eliminate those signs of aging for a refreshed and energized look. Dr. Sneed will help you determine whether Botox, Xeomin or any particular filler would be best for your skincare goals. 

Sneed Medispa also offers laser and skin tightening treatments like laser hair removal, EndyMed skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and Fibroblasting. To help target excess skin and unwanted fat cells, try the Zemits CoolRestore Cryo Body Contouring Treatment, which uses extremely low temperatures to eliminate localized fat deposits and increase skin metabolism. 

For intensive skincare, try a treatment like micro-needling, which helps your skin refresh its cells naturally, or hydrodermabrasion, a peel that removes blackheads, cleans pores, and smoothes skin. Of course, they also have regular facials, where your esthetician will help you target your skincare goals and establish a care routine. 

For wellness from the inside out, Sneed Medispa also offers treatments like hydrating IV therapies, restorative vitamin injections, and Halo Therapy, a form of salt therapy. After all, beauty is inside and out, so be sure you prioritize your whole body’s health and wellness!

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Sneed Medispa also has its own line of premium skincare products! From retinol serums to hydrating, vitamin-infused moisturizers to sunscreens and scrubs, there is a product to suit every skin type. Your esthetician will likely refer you to the best products for your skin when you visit, but if you are just looking for new products to incorporate into your skincare routine, be sure to stop by and pick up the products that will help you glow! 

Sneed Medispa

Check out Sneed Medispa for a little something special that can help you feel like the best version of yourself. You’ll be grateful that you did! And once you’re feeling like the most gorgeous woman on the planet, give me a call – we’ll capture that confidence in a photo shoot that will always remind you of just how stunning you truly are.

For more Memphis boudoir resources, check out the links below. Then, schedule your session by reaching out via my contact form!

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