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Nail Bar and Co in Memphis for Unique Mani/Pedi Designs

Few things in the world can make you feel as good and confident as a mani/pedi. It’s the beauty treatment that lasts for weeks, and even catching little glimpses of your fun, colorful nails can make you smile throughout the day. It’s just a finishing touch on the already perfect canvas that is your body. Here in Memphis, we have a pretty fantastic nail salon called Nail Bar and Co that is revolutionizing the nail salon experience. Read more about what makes them so awesome right here!

About Nail Bar & Co

Nail Bar and Co has a bright, airy salon with lots of light colors and trendy furniture and textiles. It’s the most Insta-worthy nail salon I’ve ever seen and is the perfect balance of style, sophistication, and fun. 

Many bold colors, beautiful florals and plants, and big open windows let in tons of natural light. You’ll still get the benefits of a normal nail salon, like comfortable massage chairs and strict cleanliness routines, but you’ll feel way more on-trend as you get your nails done. 

A woman in pink lace lingerie gazes down her shoulder while standing in a large curtained window nail bar and co


Okay, so you’re ready for a new look. Nail Bar and Co has an excellent menu of services to leave you feeling fresh and just a little bit more glam. Pop in for a quickie manicure (don’t be fooled by the express nature, you’ll still get the luxurious heated mitten treatment and mini-massage) or a quickie pedicure. Still, if you have more time to spend, it’s worth indulging in one of their signature treatments. 

As far as your fingertips, you’ve got plenty of options. The Luxe Mani includes all the same perks as a quickie mani, with the addition of a sugar scrub, mud mask, hot towel, and lotion massage in the scent of your choice. Hydrate your skin even more with collagen gloves, then top it off with your favorite shade of regular polish. 

If you’re looking for a little extra strength or longer wear, they’ve got just the thing(s), too. Apres Gel-X nail extensions are hard gel tips that cover the entire nail bed and are pre-shaped and pre-lengthened. It’s healthier for your natural nail and adds all the length you may want in an Insta-worthy nail set. They also do dip powder and gel polish for colorful nails that will last! 

Nail Designs & More

Where Nail Bar and Co really shines, though, is their nail designs. If you haven’t yet, check out their website or social media for a preview of some of the amazing, creative designs their nail stylists can create. Unique designs are probably one of the biggest draws of Nail Bar and Co, and you’ll see why. Since their designs are totally customized and done by hand, you’ll need to make an appointment ahead of time to give your nail tech all the time they need to deliver exactly what you want! 

Regarding your toes, you’ll want to take advantage of their Luxe Pedi or Oxygen Pedi, which includes a “fun, fizzy, and scent-sational bubble bath for your feet.” Your feet and legs will be wrapped in silky body butter as a blanket of pure moisture. Carbonated mud (!!!) will help firm and tighten skin, removing dead skin cells and purifying pores. Finish off with a paraffin wax, hot stone massage, and of course, polish in the color of your choosing. 

A woman in black lace lingerie stands in front of a large window


If you’re looking for the ultimate pedicure, you may want to give their High Vibe Pedi a try. This specialty takes you far beyond a massage chair. It uses aromatherapy and crystal healing to help you relax, release, and radiate. First, you’ll rest your weary feet in a tub of Himalayan sea salt, Epsom salt, rose quartz, lavender, and rose essential oils, followed by a sugar scrub, clay mask, hot towel, and callus treatment. 

Then, you’ll experience a relaxing massage using warm rose quartz and jade crystals. Finish off with soothing paraffin wax, collagen socks, and a beautiful polish. It’s a pedicure unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. 

Nail Bar and Co

Nail Bar and Co can give you the mani/pedi of your dreams, and you’ll feel indulged and delighted through the entire experience. And if those customized designs and rose quartz massage vibes get you feeling yourself, it may just be the perfect time to book a boudoir photoshoot with me! Don’t worry; we’ll show off that glamorous mani/pedi in your portraits…and so much more. 

So are you ready for more Memphis boudoir content? Then check out the blog links below! But before you go, let’s chat about your dream boudoir photo session!

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