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Memphis Couples Massage Locations for Intimate Relaxation

Massages are one of life’s great indulgences. They relieve harmful tension in our muscles, promote relaxation, and help us purge unhelpful emotions and stress, all while leaving us feeling relaxed and renewed. A couples massage is a wonderful way to bond with your Memphis partner while alleviating your discomfort. Whether you receive a deep tissue experience or a Swedish relaxation massage, you will appreciate a unique chance to spend time with the person you love without having to maintain a conversation. Instead, you will bond through relaxation and rejuvenation, enjoying each other’s presence as you unwind with one of these Memphis couples massages. Memphis has several acclaimed spas that offer romantic couples massages. Below are a few recommendations for you to consider!

3 Memphis Couples Massage Locations for Your Next Romantic Outing

woman looking over her shoulder

Living Health Day Spa

Living Health Day Spa came to fruition in 2006 out of a need for day spas that provide an environment of serenity where you can fully recharge and refresh. They have been rated the #1 Spa in Memphis by USA Today, and one of the Top 10 Spas in Tennessee by Tennessean!

Their facilities are clean and designed to help every client relax to their full ability. Living Health Day Spa masseuses are fully licensed and trained to give you the best possible experience. Their spa menu is extensive and offers various services to help you unwind. 

Their couples massage will help you and your partner relax with the following: 

  • low lighting, 
  • relaxing music, and 
  • comfortable massage tables. 

Plus, their online booking system makes it easy to schedule your massage whenever it’s convenient for you. 

woman in lingerie leaning against a couch memphis couples massage

Amazing Hands Day Spa

Amazing Hands Day Spa specializes in therapeutic massage, rooted in the belief in the body’s ability to heal itself. Their therapists understand how massage can restore wholeness to the body, and by releasing muscle tension, we can be healthier, more complete individuals.

They practice integrative massage, which means they combine massage techniques. Hence, each person gets an experience tailored to their exact needs. For a couples massage, you may have an entirely different physical experience than your partner, depending on what you each need!

Amazing Hands Day Spa massages incorporate oils, candles, soft sounds, and music to create a serene atmosphere that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

The Basic couples massage offers: 

  • Swedish or Deep Tissue table massage, 
  • a relaxing and purifying foot scrub, and 
  • soothing hot towels.

You can always upgrade to the deluxe couples massage, which includes a warm paraffin treatment and two complimentary glasses of wine.

woman with her hand on her neck memphis couples massage

Bow Tie Massage

Bow Tie Massage is a decadent massage and spa facility with a full-service restaurant and bar, so your spa treatment is truly an experience. While they can accommodate individual massages, they are the perfect place for couples massages, with plenty of indulgent options to treat yourselves.

Their standard “Just Because” package includes the following: 

  • a 15-minute heated Ashiatsu chair massage with foot and arm compression, 
  • a 35-minute relaxing Swedish table massage, 
  • a foot massage with hot steam towels, 
  • hot stones, and 
  • a $60 gift certificate to be used however you like at their restaurant.

The menu of couples massage packages builds upon this package, adding benefits like: 

  • a longer table massage, 
  • a peppermint hot tub session in their luxurious hydrotherapy spa room, 
  • a eucalyptus steam shower, and 
  • additional stretching and upgrades. 

Memphis Couples Massage

A couples massage is a unique way to connect with your partner. The luxury of complete relaxation will only benefit your relationship from a holistic approach. Check out the websites of these spas with luxurious Memphis couples massage experiences for more information on their offerings; you won’t regret booking a treat for you and your partner!

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  1. […] Memphis Couples Massage Locations for Intimate Relaxation […]

  2. […] Memphis Couples Massage Locations for Intimate Relaxation […]

  3. […] Memphis Couples Massage Locations for Intimate Relaxation […]

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