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Empowering Fitness Journey With a Personal Trainer in Memphis

Personal training can sound intimidating, but it’s a phenomenal tool regardless of your fitness goals! Whether you want to lose weight, tone muscle, or simply be more active, a personal trainer can help with accountability and make a challenging workout fun. There’s nothing more empowering than feeling good in your skin – sometimes, it just takes a little help from a pro to get you where you need to be. Check out an excellent personal trainer in Memphis

4 Personal Trainers in Memphis Dedicated to Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Wellhouse Fitness

Wellhouse Fitness puts the personal in personal training because your program will be entirely unique! Have you ever wondered why group classes don’t seem to work? It’s because you may not be doing what your body specifically needs. Your trainer will work with you to assess your goals and then design the best workout to achieve your desired results. 

You’ll receive exercises and routines that you can use for years to come, and you’ll be able to consult with your trainer regarding any questions or concerns. They want to make going to the gym fun and motivating, so your trainer will push you to your limit (in a good way!) in a way that makes every single workout exciting. 

A woman in red and black lingerie sits on the floor leaning back onto a green couch with a hand in her hair

inbalance FITNESS

inbalance FITNESS is a personal training and fitness coaching studio dedicated to helping every client find their path to wellness. There is a trainer for everyone on their team of experienced, certified trainers, each of whom will be able to tailor a unique program to your individual needs and goals. 

Located in the historic and trendy Cooper-Young neighborhood, inbalance FITNESS’ goal is to “provide the expertise and accountability to assist our clients in establishing long-term lifestyle changes.” They specialize in beginner and senior fitness and wellness and provide injury recovery and conditioning. Need a little extra physical care? They also offer massage and physical therapy to get you into working shape. 


Personal trainer Yvette Smith has dedicated her career to helping others get and stay in shape. And she’s not just dedicated to her body – with a BA in Exercise Science from the University of Memphis, A.S. (where she is also an adjunct faculty member) and as a doctoral candidate in Business at Walden University, her mind is equally in shape. 

Yvette is also the producer and host of Getting Fit in Memphis on Comcast channel 17 and has been featured in numerous publications, magazines, and other TV programs. Her expertise and dynamic personality are perfect for anyone looking for a personal trainer with all the experience and know-how and a fun and encouraging personality.

A woman leans back on a green couch while wearing red mesh and lace lingerie personal trainer memphis

Erica Hill | Fusion Fitness Memphis

Erica Hill’s relationship with fitness began with dance at a very early age. After having her own children, she dedicated herself to helping others find the balance between healthy nutrition and regular exercise. 

She knows firsthand as a parent that to best take care of others, you must take care of yourself first, and a healthy self is a happy self! Today, she is a Certified Personal Trainer who helps people find the fun in working out rather than just the “work.” 

Personal Trainer Memphis

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Memphis, any of these organizations or individuals can help. 

Finding your inner strength is one of the most exciting and empowering things you can do (other than a boudoir photoshoot, of course). It is worth investing time, effort, and, yes, a little money. Then, when you’re ready to show off those new muscles, girl, I am waiting with my camera in hand!!

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