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Group Workout With Your Ladies With Spin a Class in Memphis!

Anyone who’s ever had a great, heart-pumping, in-the-zone workout knows that it isn’t just beneficial for your body but also your brain. Nothing is better than an intense workout that pushes you to be present while jamming out and having fun. Cycling is a great way to get in a group workout with instructors and classmates who will push you to your limits and have you laughing and sweating. Here are some fantastic studios that offer a spin class in Memphis

4 Studios for Spin Class in Memphis to Get In Your Cardio

ZenStudio Fitness

ZenStudio Fitness is all about making fitness a fun and encouraging experience for every body. As a fitness studio, they bring energy and excitement to every class, focusing on group fitness and engagement. The way they see it, if working out is something we should all be doing regularly, why shouldn’t it be fun?! They play great music with a heart-pounding beat that will make you want to move your body. 

Whether you’re a fitness expert or a total beginner, their classes meet you where you are. Instructors will teach you any modifications you may need to keep your body safe as long as you are moving and having fun! Cycle is just one of the classes they offer; check out their website for their entire class schedule!

A woman stands in a studio wearing purple feather wings and lingerie

CycleBar Midtown Memphis

CycleBar is a community of riders of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a pro or are brand new to cycling, they have a ride to meet your needs and goals. With six cycling courses, each set to their proprietary CycleBeats playlists, you can break a well-earned sweat, all while having fun and burning off some steam. 

Their certified CycleBar instructors will guide you on each ride with enthusiasm, energy, and drive so you can clear your mind and stay present in your workout. It’s their goal to motivate and empower you inside the studio so you can feel fueled to make a positive impact outside of the studio.


Spin-N-Out was founded by lifetime athlete India, who fell in love with cycling while recovering from a scooter accident several years ago. Today, she has created a studio that welcomes riders of all abilities, allowing them to get in a great workout that’s easy on the joints (but will get your heart pumping!) They have indoor and outdoor cycle spaces, perfect for taking advantage of those beautiful Memphis days (and sheltering indoors when it’s just too darn hot.) 

A woman in lingerie leans into a bed of pillows with a hand in her hair spin class memphis

Victory Bicycle Studio

Victory Bicycle Studio is a bike service store selling bicycles and parts retail. Another offering they have is their training classes. A little more intense and designed to produce fitness that translates to outdoor bike riding, their one-hour classes are based on heart rate. 

Each class is taught by an endurance coach rather than a cycling instructor, who will push you through different physical stresses, ultimately allowing you to train as a more fit and well-rounded cyclist. If you consider yourself a biker (rather than a cycler), this is a great place to push yourself into being a better bicycling athlete. 

Spin Class Memphis

If you’re looking for a fantastic workout that will get your heart pumping and bring a big smile to your face, you’ll want to check out one of these spin classes in Memphis. After all, a great cycle class isn’t just good for your body; it’s good for your soul. Plus, those toned glutes and self-confidence will look radiant in your next boudoir photoshoot.

I adore helping women feel their best, whether offering beauty recommendations or providing them with boudoir photo sessions. I believe we look our best when we feel our best, and I know what it’s like to battle insecurities. So I use time in my sessions to be the biggest cheerleader for my clients. You should walk away from our session feeling like the absolute babe you are! If you’ve been thinking about booking a boudoir session, let’s chat so I can tell you more about the process. Let’s get the conversation started today!

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