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Treat Yourself

Get Your Nails Boudoir Ready at Skyline Nails Collierville!

The first thing we do when we meet someone is shake their hand. So really, our hands are a big part of the first impression we make on others. Plus, there’s nothing like the way a clean, colorful manicure can totally shape our confidence. Is there anything sexier than a bold red or a sleek, sophisticated French tip? It’s important to find a nail salon that follows proper safety protocols and that you can trust for a consistently beautiful look visit after visit. Skyline Nails in Collierville is a chic and sophisticated salon that delivers beautiful, relaxing manicures and pedicures that you’ll love to show off. Keep reading to find out more about what makes Skyline a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a new salon in the area!

About Skyline Nails in Collierville

From the moment you step into Skyline Nails, you’ll see how they strive to provide every client that walks through their doors with the most enjoyable and relaxing services available. Their friendly team of highly trained nail technicians will make sure you are comfortable and beyond satisfied with the services you’ll receive. 

Additionally, they understand that your trust in a nail salon comes with cleanliness and safety. Their instruments are properly sterilized and cleaned after each use. Also, all buffers and files are only used once before being thrown away. Pedicure tubs are always lined with disposable liners, so you know your feet are safe and clean. 

Plus, they’re happy to offer you a complimentary beverage as you enjoy your service!

A woman in lace lingerie lays across a couch in front of a window skyline nailes collierville


Trends come and go in the nail industry. But whatever it is you’re looking for (be it gel, dipping powder, regular polish, or something else), Skyline Nails has it! Their basic spa mani/pedis are divine. But if you’re looking for something a little more indulgent, you can check out one of their more specialty services. Something like a paraffin wax that adds hydration and smooths tired hands or a candle-hot stone mani/pedi heals rough cuticles and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. 

When it comes to nail designs, their talented nail techs will give you exactly the look you’re going for, whether it’s a simple solid color or a complex design that will turn heads. If you can dream it, they can likely make it a reality!

A woman kneels on a white rug while holding the straps off her shoulders of her pink lingerie


I know I already mentioned some of their specialty services, but paraffin wax and hot stones hardly scratch the surface! 

Their fresh citrus and fresh cucumber mani/pedis resolve skin issues for firmer, younger-looking skin while moisturizing and hydrating. Their organic CBD herbal neck wrap mani/pedi includes a relaxing herbal neck wrap, a collagen mask, hot stones, paraffin, and hot towels for a truly rejuvenating service. If you’re looking for a unique spa experience, then give the Volcano CBD-Luxury Spa mani/pedi a try. This releases a luxurious fragrance into the air, filling the room with wonderful smells. All while detoxifying and arousing the senses. It’s a totally unique way to treat yourself while having your nails done! 

Skyline Nails Collierville

Skyline Nails in Collierville is an amazing nail salon for a truly relaxing treatment that leaves your fingers and toes looking fabulous. Check them out for your next mani/pedi. Then be prepared to show them off while you’re out shaking hands and making those fabulous first impressions! 

Or, if you’re feeling a great confidence boost, why not schedule a boudoir shoot with me! So you can take advantage of that sexy sense of self you’re rocking? I’d love to make sure we capture it on film so you can see how gorgeous you naturally are! 

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