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4 Memphis Yoga Studios to Connect With Your Inner Yogi!

If you are looking for a simple way to get in touch with your body and connect your mind and spirit a little more clearly, yoga can be a great practice to do so! It’s a great way to slow down and be in the moment while gently moving your body and accepting yourself where you are in that specific moment. Whether you consider yourself a yogi or are brand new and a little hesitant about starting, Memphis has some fantastic yoga studios for you to explore! Check out some of my recommended Memphis yoga spots below! 

4 Memphis Yoga Studios Dedicated to Empowering Classes and Community 


SANA Yoga is all about sensing and honoring the glow of life that lives within each of us. As a member of their studio, you’ll discover the transformational power of the relation between breath and movement – even if you’re brand new to your practice! They offer a variety of heated and non-heated classes, so you don’t have to worry about sweating it out if that’s not your thing. 

Instead, just show up, unroll your mat, and join the community of yoga practitioners who learn and grow at their own pace. SANA’s values are to connect (making sure everyone who walks through their doors feels safe, encouraged, and welcomed), to live (teachers that bring enthusiasm and positivity to every class with encouragement), and to glow (serving as a hub for continuous personal growth.)

A woman in white lace lingerie lays across a blue bed in a studio memphis yoga

Better Bodies Yoga

Better Bodies Yoga has created a serene and welcoming space where anyone can explore and discover the benefits of Hatha Yoga. Since opening in 2004, they have worked hard to create a nonjudgmental and nurturing community that honors the individuality of every person, encouraging each participant to grow and become their best self. 

They specialize in Hatha yoga and therapeutic yoga for injuries and sport-specific needs. They offer a variety of classes so each person can find the right environment for them to move and learn. Each class and private lesson ends with a warm (or cold, in hot classes) towel and a shoulder and neck rub for total relaxation. There is a place for anyone who wants to incorporate the practice of yoga into their life at Better Bodies Yoga!

Downtown Yoga Memphis

Downtown Yoga is a place of total acceptance; wherever you are in the moment you arrive, that’s where you will be honored! They offer in-person and virtual classes so you can improve your balance and strength, all while finding support and motivation to grow. Their team of outstanding instructors will help you realize your limitless potential with classes like Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and more. 

Downtown Yoga Memphis believes that every body is a yoga body, and their community will embrace you as you are and encourage you to get where you want to go. Their open space has plenty of bright light, and there are no heated classes because they believe in “generating heat from one’s own core through one’s practice.”

A woman in white lace lingerie arches her back while laying across a bed

Delta Groove Yoga

Delta Groove Yoga’s mission is to heal, uplift, and inspire one another. They know that “strength in body, mind, and spirit is important for living a happy and fulfilled life,” and their extensive class offerings reflect their passion to make yoga accessible for every body. 

Whether you’re looking for a yoga class, meditation, mindfulness coaching, or a healing arts experience, Delta Groove Yoga has something for everyone. Some of their classes even include sound healing, energy clearing, and more.

Memphis Yoga

Whether you’re looking for a new place to continue your practice or somewhere to help you start, these Memphis yoga studios are perfect for connecting with your inner yogi. Check them out, and let me know what you think!

So now that you found the perfect studio to keep yourself feeling like a goddess, it’s time for your boudoir session! I love helping women feel confident and strong in each session. But that confidence doesn’t start with the photos. So for more Memphis area boudoir prep tips, head to the blog links below. Then reach out today to chat about your dream boudoir session!

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